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Summer Sessions

I don’t want to jinx us, but it is FINALLY starting to feel a little bit like Spring.  I can almost imagine being able to shoot outdoors again.  Almost.

Despite cutting way, way back on the number of sessions I am taking on this year (and I am so proud of myself for sticking to my resolve to do that!)…I’ve been as busy as ever.  I am beyond blessed to spend my days chasing around my super-active, ADORABLE, lovable little guy — who just turned 2 (how did that happen so quickly?).  Making the decision to slow down my work pace to allow me to soak in every moment with him was definitely the right one for me and my family.

So many babies in the studio these days, which I just absolutely ♥LOVE♥.  The Pure Baby Sessions have been so much fun, and the openings fill quickly.  I do have one more spot available for May 4th — send an email to if you are interested!

If you have your heart set on an outdoor summer session, now is the time to reserve it.  I am only doing four sessions per month through September!  More than half of those spots are already spoken for.


Now booking Pure Baby Sessions!

My favorite images are always the simplest when it comes to newborns and babies.  These sessions will be styled by yours truly, using neutral knit clothing and accessories.  It’s all about your baby — no fussy outfits or distracting backdrops.  Pure & natural portraits of your little one.


30-minute studio session
no session fee
a-la-carte pricing
babies 4-12 months (or before walking)
neutral clothing & accessories provided

These exclusive sessions will take place on the first Sunday each month, and are limited to three openings each date.  Contact to reserve yours!

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Wendy Voisine - March 13, 2014 - 2:20 am

I was wondering if you have any sessions booked for your next pure baby session in April? My son will be 12 months old April 16th so I am looking to have them done sometime on the next month. He is not walking yet.

[…] many babies in the studio these days, which I just absolutely ♥LOVE♥.  The Pure Baby Sessions have been so much fun, and the openings fill quickly.  I do have one more spot available for May […]

Pure Baby Sessions

pure baby

Heather DePaul - March 26, 2014 - 3:45 pm

I’m interested in booking a pure baby session. My son will be one on March 31st and I wanted photos to mark the milestone. As of yet, he is not walking…

admin - March 26, 2014 - 5:52 pm

I will send you an email, Heather!

Artifact Uprising

Just popping in to share something wonderful that I have recently fallen in love with!

People always say (when they learn that I am a photographer) things like “oh, you must have so many beautiful pictures of your children”.  I do, but 90% of them are taken with my iPhone.  My baby literally screams and runs away when I take my “real” camera out, so I rarely bother nowadays.

I take thousands of pictures of my children and our adventures with my phone, every year.  THOUSANDS.  I am very good about regularly backing them up to several locations, so I don’t accidentally lose any of my cherished images.  What I was not very good at (until now!) was printing them.  Then I discovered Artifact Uprising.  I ordered my first album a few weeks ago, and fell in love.  My pretty iPhone images, printed in the perfect size, in a sweet album that I can flip through and share whenever I want.  No more guilt over filing my snapshots away on a hard drive, never to be viewed again.  I have looked at my little “test” album dozens of times since I received it.  My family has, too.  The images spark conversations about what we were doing or where we were wandering, and we reminisce and smile and laugh.  We didn’t do that when my pictures sat on my phone, CD’s and computer.  I have ordered three more albums since, and have set a reminder (on my iPhone, of course) to print a new album once a month.  There’s no stopping me now.

Of course you still have to come to me for gorgeous, professional portraits of your children and family, but I highly recommend AU for the everyday shots you take of your loved ones!  Add it to your list of resolutions — you won’t be disappointed.  If albums aren’t your style, they also offer wooden boxes, prints, calendars, and postcards.

I hope your Christmas was merry!  Check back here and my Facebook page soon for details about a studio open house and special Valentine’s Day sessions.

Image © Artifact Uprising LLC

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Phew…my 12-hour workdays are finally behind me!  (Not just for the season, but forEVER.)  I am beyond grateful for such a wonderful end to this year.  I met so many fabulous, new clients, and of course enjoyed sessions with my favorite longtime ones.

Every year at about this time I reflect on what did and didn’t work in recent months, and on ways to improve my life and business.  Juggling the two is always a challenge!  As many of you know, I am a mother to two (amazing) children.  The youngest is home with me full-time, and I work around his schedule.  That means many, many sleepless nights, answering emails far more quickly than returning telephone calls, and rescheduling sessions when he is sick.

This was the busiest year ever for Jenny Gironda Photography.  I had to turn away DOZENS of clients and potential clients this fall, because I just did not have room left in my schedule for their sessions.  I am still receiving inquiries almost daily for sessions before the holiday.  Crazy!

My husband says I am a workaholic, but I really just absolutely love what I do.  I can’t imagine not being a photographer, especially one that spends her time watching beautiful children and families grow.  The only thing that means more to me is my own family.  Which leads me to this:

Overall, I wouldn’t change a thing about this past year.  I reached out for your feedback on pricing a few months ago, and made some adjustments to my structure based on your suggestions.  I think it is working well for all of us.  At about that same time, I announced that I will be selfishly returning to the style of portraiture that I love, and not following the latest trends/fads.  I haven’t had any complaints there either, and received many sweet messages from supportive clients and fans.  Thank you!

What I would change (and will change) is the number of times I had to tell my own children “one minute, I’m busy”, because I was editing images, responding to messages, ordering supplies, processing print orders, or any of the other hundreds of things that I do from my home office when I am not shooting sessions.  I said it too. many. times.  They were usually so patient with me, and didn’t complain - just walked away or continued on with something else.  But they took a little piece of me with them, and I felt so guilty.  I also felt guilty and sad when my husband texted me pictures of their fun outings, while I sat in front of my computer editing.  I am always there and fully present for the * important * things, but it’s so many of those other moments, that are so very important to me, that I often miss.

It won’t be long before my little one is in preschool, and I can return to a full-time schedule.  In the meantime, I will be cutting way back on the number of sessions I take each month.  Way back.  What does that mean to you?  If you know you want me to photograph your newborn, babies, children, and family next year, contact me NOW to get on my calendar.  I do not require a deposit, and we can adjust your date if/when we need to.   I  will be recruiting a number of family members and friends to break my legs if I sneak back to my over-time ways, so you really do need to book sooner rather than later.   As it is, I am typically booked months in advance, so it wouldn’t be surprising to fill all of next year’s dates before the end of this winter.

Who wouldn’t want to spend more time with these sweet faces?

fall wrap up